Thursday, June 26, 2008

!Space-Case Journalism!

Hi there again. I’m back from my forced hiatus from the blogging world to unleash myself upon thee one more time. Some perhaps thought that once was quite enough but no! Some more evidence is needed of my life-career, my life.

In this blog I will attempt to speak to you my mind. Firstly, in order to understand this blog one might have to first be taught a lesson on life. It is ever changing so we too must change with it! Language was never meant to be stagnant as today where you HAVE to speak some old language. That’s complete hoggidy-boggidy! To be thineself, to truly know, you must manage to speak a language that is not created. Yes that’s it! You’ve guessed! Knew you’d get it! You must kreate language yourself as you see fit. Be all that you can be! For me!

Now that I seemed to have gotten out of my system we can talk about something more upbeat, such as the control of the media on young, impressionable, young-minds. These children must be saved! Anywhere you see one, just stop what you are doing and save him! Do not waste critical time! Perhaps if you were busy with some sort of errand or chore, perhaps a work-related event such as a fund-raiser, you could be excused but no sick days! We’ve had enough people and their mums phoning in trying to get off sick. Please take this seriously.

In order to see these faults within the system of society today one must have eyes the size of big corporations such as Shell Quickstore, or the J&B Met. These Quickstores are to be avoided! They not only pollute our minds with their insane uniforms and pricing, but they are friendly about it too! Upon asking why a 2ltr CoCa CoLa bottle was R15 I was not even given a stare or a snarl! They proceeded to respond to my question in a free, fair and honest answer! Who are these people? Do they not care about my liberties! I AM a South African you know! The J&B Met is equally polluting. I have not been ever, but I am told that people there sit amongst each other “bet” on horses running? Why bet on horses when there are men standing idle! Why give horses money when so many men don’t have any? They can’t even use it at say a Quickstore? They don’t even have hands! So next time “you take a bet”, make “a big bet”, “and bet on a poor man”.

During my time here on Planetarium Earth, I have discovered two things. I like sweet things (like all humans), but also that talking about religion sucks big-time no matter which side you’re on. Defending it is just as crappy as tearing it apart. However, the question still remains in our heart of hearts, where do we belong? Do we need to complete some task like Mario or Pac-Man? Or do we need to watch a certain amount of hours of SABC 1 or the Rhema channel? Therefore I am starting a religion that is about the praise and glorious nature of religion and its super-greatness? It is called: Religian. No longer do we have to worry about which religion is better or right, since the praise of religion must surely encompass all of those strange cults out there? Damn good thing we discovered this now otherwise most of us would probably have a 1/1023425879786 chance of being in the right religion. Study Religian today, and await death with great antici------pation.

Now that you have been exposed to my mind for six hours, you must surely be tired and therefore now deserve to rest. I am now going to try a new ending literary device I have been working on called “wit”. It works by me saying nice and warm and fuzzy things until you think this blog was heart-warming and wonderful. The little pony jumped into the bush only to peak its head out a little bit to giggle. It was pink and fluffy and its name was Henry. The soft butter on a scone or hot roll. A delicious KFC-meal. Think about the KFC-meal. Think about their wonderful chicken and all the different spices and their chicken wraps covered in mayonnaise. Think about a eeny-weeny little puppy dog saying: “I wuff you! Woof woof!” etc.